“Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

Section 8, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


The Student Coalition for Privacy is a student movement advocating for a change from the status quo of Canadian surveillance: towards laws that protect, respect and fulfill the right to privacy. On university campuses across Canada, we fight the expanding reach of spy agencies into the lives of all Canadians.


Through grassroots community organizing, we lobby provincial and federal policymakers to safeguard the right to privacy. We conduct research to catalyze policy change. We raise awareness about technologies that threaten the right to privacy. We train activists, journalists, and the most vulnerable to secure their communications.


Surveillance is most often used as a tool of repression by the politically and economically powerful. The right to privacy safeguards personal autonomy and dignity in the face of this power imbalance, allowing citizens to advocate for change, express themselves, and enjoy their fundamental rights and liberties without fear of repercussions.

Our Most Recent Campaign

The Student Coalition for Privacy mobilized thousands of Canadian students to protest Bill C-51, which grants Canada’s intelligence agency secret police powers and opens the door to vast information sharing. Our student members got over 200 elected MPs to commit to repealing the Bill, and are now lobbying them to repeal it properly.

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Get Involved in our Local Chapters

The Student Coalition for Privacy is building a national network of student advocates. From Montreal to Calgary, our student members are bringing the pro-privacy movement to their communities. Want to start a Coalition chapter in your city or campus? Contact us here.